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If you require any assistance with booking your reservation, have any questions or would like to report any issues related to the accessibility features of the hotel, please contact us directly at 888-738-3601.


Public Spaces:

  • The hotel is non-smoking
  • The main entrance is wide enough for wheelchairs and 360-degree turns
  • Elevator access is available to all floors
  • There is an accessible washroom on the first floor
  • The swimming pool is equipped with ADA compliant lift
  • The Front Desk has height adjust area for wheelchair accessibility


Accessible Rooms: 


  • Large doorways and ample space for a wheelchair to easily move about
  • Accessible rooms have roll-in showers in the bathroom
  • Showers have seats
  • Showerheads are reachable and can be hand-held
  • There are grab bars in the showers and next to the toilets
  • Bathroom sinks are lowered with the ability to fit a wheelchair underneath
  • Visual, flashing fire alarms are equipped in accessible rooms in case of fire (please request at time of reservation)